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Hey, I don't know how often this page gets checked, if ever, but I'm from Pinstripe Melee, and noticed that the band was in this communities interests. I thought that was awesome, and was both curious who on the boston ska scene knows of us, and also if anyone on this board are in bands, whether they're setting up any shows in boston this summer? Aside from that, I'm just writing to say hey,

-Casey F.
Pinstripe Melee

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MY BAND NEEDS HORNERS (keyboard players too?!)
We're nixon for president, we're from LOWELL and we're desperate!


we practice often, we've got a few songs, but we'd be so much better if we had some horners
OR A KEYBOARD PLAYER! please please send us a message on myspace or reply to this post

we don't even care if you can't play, if you own a horn, we'll figure something out